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Restorative Chimney Repair

Chimney Liners & Relining Services:

Many chimneys seem to be in good condition from the outside but are deteriorated on the inside allowing dangerous & potentially deadly gasses to escape.

Clay liners could be cracked or missing pieces allowing moisture or carbon monoxide to seep into your home. Some older homes may not have any liner at all. Loose or falling bricks could be causing poor ventilation.

Converting to gas? Installing a new high efficiency water heater? Most older chimneys were not designed to vent today's more energy efficient appliances and need to be lined with a stainless steel liner to vent properly and safely. At Emener Chimney we will work with your plumber or directly with you to line your chimney properly with a high quality stainless steel liner.

Mike, the owner of Emener Chimney, is on every liner job to ensure that you receive a high quality, safe and professional installation.

Fully licensed and insured. We only install stainless steel liners (stainless lasts/aluminum rips).

Our Chimney Liners And Relining Services Include:

• Steel chimney liner installation
• Liner replace

• Relining older chimneys with higher quality liners
• Chimney liner inspections


Extend the life of your chimney with repair work from Emener Chimney Maintenance Inc., in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our experts properly inspect your chimney for defects. We also provide you with the best and most affordable solutions to fix any problem.

Chimney Repair Services:

A faulty chimney can cause many problems for your home, including water leaks. Your leaky damper could be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in escaped heat. Our goal is to make sure your chimney works properly so that it serves you well during the cold winter months.

Our Chimney Repair Services Include:

• Professional chimney rebuilding from the roof line up
• Pointing
• Chimney Caps
• Lock-top dampers
• Specializing in reconstructing decorative cuts
• Crowns
• Water sealing with Chim Saver


Before and After - Chimney Repair

Small Chimney - Chimney Repair


This is an energy-efficient brand of fireplace dampers that mounts on top of your chimney. Made from cast aluminum and stainless steel, a Lock-Top damper seals in furnace heat, eliminates downdraft, keeps out rain, and prevents animal entry.


Prevent chimney water damage with ChimSaver. We use it as a water seal to protect porous brick from unsightly and potentially damaging water leaks. ChimSaver carries a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.


Chimney caps or rain caps are probably the least expensive measure for protecting your chimney. These devices substantially reduce the amount of rain that will enter your chimney. A good cap also keeps animals and birds out of your home and heat in it. Choose from stainless steel caps in a variety of sizes. To ensure its effectiveness, your cap must be sized to your flue.

Flue Caps:

• Brass • Turbine • Blue Stone • Double & Single


Masonry Repairs:

At Emener Chimney, chimney rebuilding is our specialty. With over 20 years of experience, Mike takes pride in rebuilding a chimney to make it look as good - if not better than it did originally. Particularly with older homes it takes a craftsman to recreate the original look of a chimney and making it fit with the house. Pride in workmanship and a professional, licensed and insured crew makes Emener Chimney Maintenance the right choice to rebuild your chimney and make it beautiful again.

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