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Chimney Cleaning & Sweeping

Stone Chimney - Chimney Cleaning

Eliminate fire hazards with chimney cleaning and sweeping from our company in Worcester, Massachusetts. At Emener Chimney Maintenance Inc., we do a thorough service that makes your fireplace and chimney safe to use.

For Your Safety

Chimney sweeping is essential to eliminating creosote deposits. This type of debris causes chimney fires and blockages. Creosote also increases the possibility of dangerous carbon monoxide levels in the home. It also makes your heating bill higher by decreasing the efficiency of your oil burners and wood or pellet stoves.

The Process

We perform a chimney inspection to determine what needs to be done. Our cleaners use powerful vacuums to completely control dust during the cleaning process. You have our dust and dirt-free guarantee. Among their many benefits, chimney cleaning and sweeping makes your stoves more efficient.

Contact us for chimney sweeping and related services that protect your family from exposure to dangerous substances in the air.